About me

My name is Ofelia Ochoa. To my family and friends, I am Ofi. I was born in Peru in 1986. My family relocated to the United States in 1988. I grew up in various parts of South Florida. When I turned 28 I moved to Oklahoma City and got my first job in the creative field.

I love quirky things and have a somewhat odd sense of humor.

I am a passionate illustrator and I love to express myself and tell stories with my drawings, paintings! I enjoy creating characters, experimenting with colors, shapes and elements. I love inking and painting with watercolors, acrylic and gouache and I also love to create vector illustrations. I gained tremendous experience through freelancing and positive feedback from all the clients I’ve worked with through these years. My portfolio showcases many different artworks which prove my ability to challenge myself, to change my style, to learn new things and it also reveals my passion for design, illustration, and books! If you are looking for an illustrator for your projects feel free to contact me! I am looking forward to working with you!

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